Get Involved!

There are several ways you can have an impact.

~ Direct Giving 

~ Get & Give

~ Sponsorship

~ Memorial Giving

~ Crypto Giving

~ Giving Time - Participation

~ Buy Our Recycled Products

Direct Giving - Donate 

It's Simple - For Every Dollar we Recycle a tire.

Donate Directly through --> PAYPAL <--

Watch for links to a Crowdfunding Campaign starting soon!


Get & Give

One great way to participate is by signing up to these programs that give you a bonus as well as us

Fetch Rewards App - Get 2,000 points for signing up and rewards for every receipt you snap a picture of.  Works great! Highly recommended.  Click here

Rakuten Rebates - Online Rebate program, simple to use.  We have made over $250 in rebates through this platform.
Signup with our link and they will give us each a $30 Bonus!
Click here


If you're interested in Crypto:

Coinbase - Set up a cryptocurrency wallet with the best platform in crypto.  And we'll both get a $10 bonus! That's $10 free for you and 10 tires too.  (Message Jared for some simple advice on making returns without getting into the hype.) Click here

Limited Time - ETORO - Etoro is a crypto trading platform 
The next ten people that join Etoro will give $30 and put $30 towards The Untire Project.  We also use this trading platform.
Click Here



We love working with sponsors!

Sponsorships are a great way to promote your business and do good at the same time.

We will promote sponsors via youtube videos, a sponsorship page on this website, tweets, signage on our facilities or other options! Open for discusion.


Contact us directly and let's work together! 

Memorial Giving

Is/Was someone in your life committed to recycling, environmental cleanup, land stewardship? 

Along with your donation send a name or short paragraph and we'll do a commemorative Shout Out tailored just for you!


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