How it all started

Over twenty years ago my dad bought a clean-up property that had been mismanaged by loggers.  

Years later I was working for a farmer and after I cleaned up his field he came out and said, "Wow, it looks like a park!"

I went on from there to manage a recycle project for a coffee roaster keeping hundreds of tons of burlap out of landfills.

The past few years I've been based in the Pacific North West and the number of poorly managed green spaces has shocked me. 

But come to find out, much of it was done many years ago and current owners simply lack the resources to rectify it.

The Goal

The goal is to recycle 1,000,000 tires. One tire at a time with the help of your generosity.  

We will start in the PNW and look forward to expanding onward!

How you can help

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Signup - Join any of our affiliate programs and the kickbacks will be used for this project

Volunteer - As this project grows we will need people power, ask us to notify you when

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Donate - If you can't do anything else consider donating just $1 it literally will reclaim one tire from the environment 


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