The UNTIRE Project

We started our journey 15 years ago
Now it's time to go Bigger!

• 2022•

The Un-Tire Project

1,000,000 Waste Tire Recovery

Can you see potential beauty beyond someone's damaging wastefulness?

Out of just such a vision the Un-Tire Project has been born.

All across our great enviroscapes there are scattered waste tires which destroy the view and ecosystem.

These tires damage natural habitats, hazards to wildlife, and cause an unhealthy excess of mosquito and rodent infestations.

Right now the United States alone is falling behind the tire  market  by up to 60% of waste vs recycle.

The problem is not in demand or desire to recycle but the prohibitive costs of facilities, equipment, permits, and environmentally conscious operation.

The Un-Tire Project is uniquely designed to tackle the problem!  

Jared Kuiper

Project Leader

Jared has been a serial entrepreneur with a bent for clean outdoor spaces all his life.

After years of only spending spare time for clean-up projects, he believes it is time to scale up and go all out!

It's time to turn management skills, vision, and ingenuity to create a team that can have an impact far more than he can accomplish on his own.

Join Jared and the team in this journey! You can sponsor, volunteer, donate, or just subscribe and follow on Youtube 


• Only $1•

The Easy Way to help


For Every Dollar


We can recycle a tire


and counting

The Goals

Collaborate with local authorities and established facilities to begin recycling tires immediately.

Build a team to offer free removal and receiving of abandoned tires.

Establish facilities to conduct full-scale operations in-house.

Reclaim 1,000,000 tires.... And then some more!


For every dollar received we can offer tire recycling services at no cost to individuals, public lands, and others in need of having this problem solved.

• It's already happening •

Over 687 tires recycled so far!
Some of our best projects include:

In 2017 we cleaned 3acres of Private land which had really looked like a dump

In 2018 we liquidated a retired mechanics shop that had nearly 50 used tires out back

In 2019 we assisted multiple small estates with proper tire disposal

In 2020 we began our current project from which we have already removed over 600 tires in our spare time


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